Our 10 Favorite Superyacht Cinemas

This weekend marks the annual Golden Globes Awards, which honors stars of cinema and television. All of the voters are accustomed to seeing the nominees year after year on screens in movie theaters or at home. If only they stepped aboard a yacht to watch instead; what a difference it would make in the entertainment experience. For their consideration—and yours—we’ve selected a mix of alfresco and indoor superyacht cinemas that really stand out. In alphabetical order by yacht name, they are:

1. Aquila. The 281-foot yacht, launched as Cakewalk, gained a cinema in her main saloon (below) following a refit last year. Judging by the decor, it’s a sumptuous space to sink into a settee with a big bowl of popcorn.

2. Big Fish. It doesn’t fit the traditional definition of superyacht cinemas, and that’s what we like the best about the atrium aboard the 147-foot Big Fish. Twenty video panels form a three-deck-high video wall, which is further about 10 feet wide. It shows home videos of dive trips, or whatever else the guests want to watch.

Aquila superyacht cinemas

3. Galactica Super Nova. The biggest boat built by Heesen has a huge foredeck, where quite the crowd can watch movies under the stars. It got a good first test run, in fact, at this 230-footer’s launch party last year.

4. Jems. Y.CO counts Jems among its charter customers’ favorite choices when it comes to superyacht cinemas, and for good reason. One look at the outdoor cinema on the sundeck (above), and it’s hard to resist. The 144-foot motoryacht rivals larger craft in this arrangement.

5. Lady Christine. Hollywood heavyweights like Sophia Loren, Humphrey Bogart, and even Mickey Mouse are part of a mural lining the back wall of her cinema (below). It’s worth noting that the 223-foot Lady Christine was built in 2010, before onboard cinemas became such a craze.

Lady Christine superyacht cinemas

6. Maltese Falcon. Any time you see this 289-foot sailing yacht on the horizon, you’re seeing her outdoor cinema. Though, you may not even realize it. The “screen” is actually a sail on her mizzen mast. There isn’t a bad seat in the house as a result—or the harbor she’s in, at that rate.

7. Serenity. Two things make Serenity worthy of inclusion on our list. First of all, the owner of this 139-footer chose brightly colored furnishings for the cinema, which does double duty as the skylounge. Second, and even more fun, the blackout curtains for the room feature black and white images of Harry Potter, Dirty Harry, Lawrence of Arabia, and other famous cinematic characters.

8. Tiara. Another terrific sailing yacht with another terrific outdoor cinema. What makes it really special is how the crew sets it up. They hang billowy white curtains around a 13-foot by 13-foot space, dotted by big, inviting deck cushions and pillows. The screen sits center stage, too. You feel as if you’re no longer aboard a 178-footer and instead in a Bedouin tent.

9. Turquoise. Billowy curtains characterize Turquoise’s on-deck cinema as well. However, they are a bit different. They slide on tracks to each side of the screen. The screen, meanwhile, emerges from the overhead just outside the saloon. Therefore, a rather cozy atmosphere comes together for cinematic experiences.

10. Solemar. Measuring 202 feet, Solemar is impressive enough. But her nearly 10-foot-wide movie screen, which nestles between the supports for her navigation equipment arch over the sundeck, displays movies in HD.