Couach unveils five brand new ranges

Among the new designs is really a 38-metre explorer yacht and a 26-metre flybridge yacht created by Espen Øino.

The Lounge Collection, produced by in-house Couach designer Clément Carbonne, exemplifies modern adventure in three semi-displacement explorer models: a 35-metre, a 38-metre (shown above and below) plus 42-metre. “With the bold lines, high freeboard and protected hull of the robust explorer yacht, the Lounge Collection marries convenience and luxury utilizing the character of adventure,” the garden claims.


Couach is collaborating with Espen Øino on three new yacht lines – the Timeless Collection of 20-40-metre quick flybridge yachts, the Super Sport Collection of 20-40-metre open yachts, plus the Super Yacht assortment of customized yachts over 40 metres. The very first associated with designs is really a 26.2-metre fast flybridge model (two renderings that are shown below) through the Timeless Collection. The yacht can carry up to 12 people and three team. It really is projected to attain top speeds of 30 knots and cruise at 23 knots, running on double V12 MANs. The yeard says it’s going to be followed closely by as much as five models in the same design aesthetic.


“It is a privilege and an honour become working together with this kind of prestigious name as Espen Øino for three regarding the brand new Couach yacht lines. Once I met Espen, we felt he and his group had been completely matching our culture, our style and our fantasy for Couach. The Timeless and Super Sport models offer a rare chance to buy an Espen Øino-designed yacht inside size range. About the Super Yacht range, there are numerous exciting ways our abilities and capabilities will combine to generate a truly exceptional superyacht.”


“When creating the appearance for the Timeless Collection, we wished to draw upon the historically strong identification that Couach had between the 1970s and 1990s, and also to recreate something which was distinctive and immediately recognisable with strong, meaningful lines. Even though this brand new design is very elegant, it reflects the severe purpose of Couach’s non-yachting vessels,” claims Espen Øino. “With an inferior yacht, you need to be more self-disciplined within design work, and make it more purposeful; every centimetre counts. It is as exciting – if not more exciting – than creating a really large superyacht since you can individually relate simpler to the vessel. You can imagine your self enjoying being on board, including driving the yacht.”

The fifth and final line, the Mediterranean Collection, comprises 13, 15 and 17-metre tenders and chase-boats.