London Opens the Doors for Luxury Interactive

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The big smoke is buzzing around the high class honey pot that is Luxury Interactive 2015. This awe inspiring event sees over three hundred leading luxury executives flock to the inspiring locale of London for two days of conferences, master classes, and roundtable discussions to crack open the hive of digital influence and the world of luxury. What better city to pick than the home of Harrods, Selfridges, Aston Martin, and a whole host more of divine luxury brand names that make the world of heritage design so daring and so darling at the same time.

The queenly capital city already has the champagne on ice, the fine threaded cotton sheets of the boutique hotels are being tucked in, and the lavish lunches that are sure to wow the crowd are being planned to perfection. This is without a doubt one of the must attend events of the year, providing a myriad of incredible opportunities for those in the niche of sheer luxury. Whether attending to listen to the latest ideas on redesigning the digital revolution, to jot down some divine inspiration from the best speakers in the industry, or to go armed with a stack of signature business cards looking to make those all-important connections – this will be a sure fire way tomingle, to learn, and to grow.

Luxury Interactive Europe 2015 2

Fabulous fashion, purely decadent travel, connoisseurs of class, and bespoke brands are all expected to be on the agenda. Not only do attendees get the chance to take an in depth closer look at the upcoming trends in the world of luxury, but they also get the chance to discuss their desires with industry leaders and innovative professionals in this whirlwind two day extravaganza. For luxury, the leap into the digital age has been a fight with tooth and claw, but the world is changing and we need to rise above the waves to avoid getting washed out. Fortunately by sharing expertise, delivering first class knowledge, and getting together in the city of London to uncork plenty of Moet, we can all carve a path with Luxury Interactive 2015 and we can’t wait to be a part of it.

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Luxury Interactive Europe 2015

Luxury Interactive Europe 2015

You have heard the phrase two minds are better than one; well what about when you put three hundred minds in the same swanky room? This fall sees the return of one of the most coveted events of the high class calendar – Luxury interactive 2015. Beneath the silver drizzle of the London Sky with its trendy and chic Oxford Street, its beautiful palatial like parks and its achingly chic and trendy restaurants, you will find Luxury Interactive in full swing come the pumpkin filled season of October. With over three hundred industry experts, top level executives and marketing magicians, everyone is looking forward to a jam packed agenda to listen, to speak, and to learn about the challenges, the solutions, the highs and the lows that those in the luxury niche have to face.

With the event perfectly tailored towards todays growing trends in the trade this is an event that is sure to skyrocket industry knowledge and leave everyone with plenty of Michelin starred food for thought. Dealing in the art of bespoke digital solutions, the affluent agenda is set to cover such topics with thought provoking talks on matters like; the fabulous future of luxury, next generation communications, effective relationship strategies in the 21st century, building addictive apps and committing to the consumer through the art of social media.

Luxury Interactive Europe 2015 1

The two day event goes on to cover the curves of plenty of ground leaving no stone unturned. This is a conference all about learning how to become personal online, building interactive mobile experiences, partnering with beautiful bloggers to curate a positive narrative, and how to correctly scale your business for foreign markets.

With savvy key note speakers, round table discussions, solution lounges for innovative conversations, cocktail receptions and incredible lunches to boot, there is no doubt that Luxury Interactive is going to be an illuminating event. Luxury interactive staff are not only hosting and running the event but providing impeccable customer service and support throughout making it a networking dream for all involved.

Everyone knows the luxury industry is rapidly gliding at a rate of knots like a gleaming superyacht towards the future. The world is changing and the luxury niche must change with it. Formerly, exclusive brands relied on beautiful stores with personal shoppers and tiny bright macaroons to set them apart from the crowd, but with online retail becoming such a large entity how do you move your brand forward to be an integral part of that world? Luxury Interactive reminds us we are all on the same roads of adaption and change and that more minds are better than one. Networking for many luxury brands will certainly be high on the agenda as this is a perfect chance to meet other influencers and make lasting connections that start with a spark and turn into blazing opportunities across the scope.

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Luxexperience 2015: Elite of Luxury Travel

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The rainbow beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, the red rock mysticism of Uluru, the striking cities of Sydney and Melbourne, the rushing waters, canyons and mountains of fiery New Zealand, and the jeweled collection of five star islands that ooze with romantic appeal scattered across the South Pacific – the Southern Hemisphere of the world is truly a travelers dream. Luxexperience recognizes the breathtaking splendor of sweet travel and endless opportunity that the Southern Hemisphere offers and, inspired by these delights, has curated an exceptional three day event to connect those in the business of bespoke travel. Rolling into the cosmopolitan city of Sydney from September 6th until the 9th, you can find elite purveyors, representatives of the best luxury travel products, travel concierges, affluent agents, specialist wholesalers, and tailored private travel managers all amassing to stir up the luxury travel pot, make new connections and seek to nurture new relationships that are sure to last.

Luxexperience 2015

A Lavish Three Day Event

The only event of its kind to kick up its heels in the heady world down under, stretching its fingers to bring together some of the most innovative names in luxury and experiential travel, Luxexperience is more than a simple booted and suited business exchange, it’s a soiree of networking opportunity, an inspiring possibility to learn, and a deep cut diamond experience that ensures every second of the three day event is filled with luxury.

Luxexperience 2015 1

Personalized Schedules and Sightseeing in Sydney

Invitation only attendees, a beautiful space in Sydney at the Australian Technology Park resonating with industrial grace and beauty, a well-executed program that blends fascinating presentations and business opportunities with elegant cocktail affairs, divine dinners, tours and networking parties – this is what the Luxexperience is sure to be about. It seems the Luxexperience truly tears a leaf from a shiny new book; every specially selected delegate attending the three day event will receive their very own personalized pre-selected appointment schedule, their own social calendar and their own travel diary to ensure that their personal experience of the event runs like Swiss clockwork. Those traveling to take part in this whirlwind event will also have plenty of opportunity to see the chic and sophisticated city of Sydney with its iconic harbor, billowing white sails of the opera house, trendy boutiques, cool restaurant scene, and hip beaches filled to the helm with young surfers.

Luxexperience 2015 4

Inspiring Ideas and Niche Networking

This unique concept organized by the innovative team at Luxexperience provides the perfect win win platform for everyone within the high class travel industry. Exhibitors can be wooed by the idea of face to face meetings with clientele deeply rooted in the same niche market; seeking solutions and new partnerships that can ultimately boost business and bring a breath of fresh air. They will also get the chance to meet with those inspired bloggers and writers who represent some of the world’s best luxury travel publications and to connect on a whole new level with potential new partners. Buyers will be able to open up a treasure trove of possibility and to blend a bespoke first class travel experience with meeting others in the industry who can provide a dash of dreamy inspiration and insight into the exclusive trends the travel market is currently touching upon.

Luxexperience 2015 2

A Profitable Perfect Stay

With an expected three hundred exhibitors rallying to be part of this incredible opportunity, you can be sure that the Luxexperience is one that will turn into a profitable stay in Sydney for all. The chance to touch down in one of the world’s most exciting capitals, to revel in real time face to face meetings with others in the industry, to attend gala dinners and cocktail events geared towards maximizing potential partnerships, and to dabble in some of Australasia’s and the South Pacific’s best indulgent travel experiences, this could turn out to be one of the most rewarding trips you ever make.

Luxexperience 2015 3

Roxanne Genier

Roxanne is the Co-Founder of LuxeInACity and AgenceLuxury. An Avid sailor and traveler she stumbled into luxury in 2005 while working aboard superyachts. Since then she has been a private concierge for UHNWI and has helped several luxury brands with their digital needs.

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Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Batyr Ospanov

Batyr Ospanov – Owner and Designer at BATYR OSPANOV DESIGNS
The Winner in the nomination “Luxury Interior Design Studio”,

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Batyr Ospanov

–BATYR OSPANOV DESIGNS is a renowned force in designing various
luxury buildings; do you plan on grasping any new markets in your region or abroad?

-For me there are no geographical limitations in terms of where to run a design
project. We had experience in designing remote projects in Central Europe, where
we did the concept ideas and handed it to the local contractors. Currently we are
working on a yacht design concept for the client who is based in UAE. This is still a
confidential project and I hope that soon we would be able to present the project to
media and showcase it on our website.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Batyr Ospanov 1

-Business development is a key not only to stay afloat, but to preserve your
achievements so far, would it make sense to focus on interior design only? Or the
broader the scope, the larger the possibilities open up before you?

-Business development is definitely driving companies for the new heights. Therefore,
I decided to focus only on the luxury segment, but not limiting myself to interior
design projects. I would really love to design a yacht or a private jet, as I did while I
worked at one of the leading design companies in the UK.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Batyr Ospanov 2

-Having exclusive pieces for your designs is essential, what companies do you engage
to aid you in providing top service for your clients?

-Finding the right partners that would understand our ideas and most importantly
produce the result that everyone expects is crucial and so valuable. Fortunately I
have found reliable and comprehensive local partners, but the supplier hunt never
finishes neither locally nor internationally. We work with a local joinery craftsmen
who produce amazing bespoke products. The quality is so high that some clients
actually like to present their products as made in Italy, which often annoys the
joinery craftsmen. Also we have a list of best decorators, furniture and interior fitting
suppliers that we work with.
We are always happy to meet new partners, get to know new products and finishes.
This is probably the main reason of attending international exhibitions in Paris,
London, Milan and etc.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Batyr Ospanov 3

-Can you tell us about your current projects, how do they differ from ones you had
years ago?

-Nowadays I take projects from start to finish, where I coordinate all technical and
decorative processes. Recently we have completed a new head office of a wellknown
jewellery company, several apartments and villas. Currently we work on big
villa project in Almaty and as I mentioned above have one yacht design concept.
Few years ago I didn’t have a clear idea to establish an interior design studio. By that
time I left one of the design companies in Central Europe and came back home to
Kazakhstan to have a little break and think where to head next. While I stayed home
with the family I was receiving requests from friends and their contacts to give some
design suggestions about their apartments and houses. So it all began with little
projects where my role was only to advice and I didn’t even charge for it.

Batyr Ospanov Designs, Batyr Ospanov

-The Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognizes the best of the best in the luxury industry.
Does the victory of this year’s Award open up new markets for your company?

-Well I really believe that it definitely will! I would like to thank the organizers of the
award committee for providing a marketing campaign through the interviews, videos
and photographs of the event. This award is a great recognition and excellent
platform for us to promote ourselves and open up new horizons.

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Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Firas Al Sahen

Firas Al Sahen – Managing Partner at 4SPACE interior design
The Winner in the nomination “Luxury Interior Design Company” at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards , United Arab

4SPACE Interior Design: Firas Al Sahen

 − For 4 SPACE Interior Design everything starts with a vision, can you share with us
the process of creating grand designs for your clients?

− Our work is a conjuncture of our collective vision of fusing functionality, uniqueness
and stylish elegance.
It all start with the concept, after many brainstorm sessions the concept created by
3D generated perspectives, mood boards and material selection.
Details design stage comes next to provide full solutions, then followed with all
necessary documentations to finales the presses.

4SPACE Interior Design: Firas Al Sahen 2

 − How do you work with the contractor firms you employ? Is there any selection
particular selection process so that you designs come out as perfect as they do?

− The evaluation and selection of contractors leading to the award of execution
contracts is a vital part of the execution process.
The contract may be awarded through an informal competitive bidding process,
evaluated for it competitive prize and quality.

4SPACE Interior Design: Firas Al Sahen 3

− If the opportunity arises, would you be willing to expand your operations
overseas? And, if yes, what regions do you think hold the most prospects?

− Actually we are working on establishing new operation offices in UK and Italy, to
support our ongoing projects there.
We would like to see a 4Space design at every other property or location in the
world. We envision our work to align with the world’s best.

4SPACE Interior Design: Firas Al Sahen 4

− Do you think it is the right time to stop and analyze with your team what you have
already achieved and what the future holds for interior design?

− After 15 years in the business, we are still challenged by the possibilities of creating
concrete impressions from a given space and environment.
Dubai has a burgeoning luxury market which demands only the best designs from
classic to iconoclastic. The rising income and the influx of people from all over the
world who come to Dubai for work or tourism prove a challenge for designers and
builders to satisfy
With a massive investment channeled in the construction sector, the dynamism and
creativity in the design sector are flourishing.

4SPACE Interior Design: Firas Al Sahen 5

− Is there something that the reception of the Golden Crown would do to improve
your business operations?

− We are deeply honored to receive this recognition from a distinguished panel of
experts from a highly esteemed organization.
The Award is a fitting tribute to the perseverance, ingenuity, and commitment to
quality of 4Space in delivering attractive, comprehensive environments with
effective commercial purpose for its diverse clientele.

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